Sunday, July 3, 2011


To quote from the LINKwithlove blog...

  1. ACCEPTING that it is your responsibility to know better, do better and leave a legacy of internet kindness. Share the knowledge of proper use of intellectual property online.
  2. RESPECTING the intellectual property of your own AND OTHERS. Lead by example when posting or sharing. Retain links. Post credits.
  3. PROTECTING the rights of yourself and others by being watchful as you surf the internet. Draw attention to uncredited or unlinked work. A watchful eye is good defense against theft.
When we know better - WE DO BETTER. - Maya Angelou...

Personally, I know that I can put my hand up and say for sure that my crediting of other's images and text, etc is not up to scratch - mostly due to a lack of knowledge. We are often oblivious to our own wrong-doing in taking credit for other's work online. So take a step back when you next blog/post/upload, and go over LINKwithlove's principles (their website has great resources - I especially love the flow chart I included I above - credited quite nicely, I must admit haha!). Take a little more care to ensure you give credit where credit is due. 

So go ahead...LINKwithlove<3

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